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Take Time for Your Health

PortalConnect’s patient portal provides you with a host of valuable features to monitor and take charge of your health.

Your secure profile gives you access to your personal health record on-the-go, allowing you to share your information to care teams across the United States if needed.

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Virtual Care

The PortalConnect Virtual Care platform allows you to connect with a board-certified doctor online that gets to know you and your healthcare needs. By matching with a doctor, you will receive personalized care without needing to spend most of the visit explaining your history or your current medications. Your online doctor will have access to your secure profile and send any necessary documentation or prescriptions to your account.

To get started:

Answer a short questionnaire

Match with a doctor

Book an appointment

(phone, chat or video)

Get access to your health summary

24/7 through the patient portal

PortalConnect Makes it Easy to:

Schedule appointments from any location

Renew your prescriptions online

Access and download your health summary


Connect with your healthcare team securely

Receive lab results online


View shared information from your visit